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We provide our expert services for:

  • Up gradation and capacity enhancement of PSA Gas Generators
  • Purity Correction and system modification for PSA Gas Generators
  • Optimal Setting of process parameters for efficient operation
  • Re commissioning and servicing of PSA Plants
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (Comprehensive and Non-comprehensive)
  • Supply of all types of Desiccants and Catalysts for Gas Generators and Air Dryers
  • Supply of all types of spares compatible to all the makes of Gas Generators and Air Dryers

We supply desiccants & catalyst for psa nitrogen plant/oxygen plant, ammonia cracker & dryers

  • CMS (carbon molecular sieve) for nitrogen generator
  • ZMS (zeolite molecular sieve) for oxygen generator
  • Activated alumina
  • 4A molecular sieve
  • 13x molecular sieve
  • Palladium catalyst for deoxo
  • Nickel catalyst for ammonia cracking
  • Activated carbon